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Our Top 10 Favorite New Family Moments from 2013
14.04.2018, 07:01
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Our Top 10 Favorite New Family Moments from 2013
Our Top 10 Favorite New Family Moments from 2013

I can’t believe that 2013 is almost over; ever since Judah arrived, it’s been a whirlwind of activity here in our house as we’ve all gotten adjusted to life as a new family. When you’re about to be a new parent, you know your life will change in huge ways, but you never really realize just how huge until you’re up to your elbows in diapers, wipes and late-night feedings! We are constantly reminded of just how lucky we are to be parents in the first place, and we treasure every magical moment with our son. Every day, we’re making memories together as a new family.As we look back at our year in review as a brand new family of three, here are our top ten new family moments from 2013: Go Team Zoll!A Look Back at Team Zoll 2013This time last year, I had just entered my second trimester of pregnancy and now, we’ve got a babbling, giggling,baby clothes, teething seven-and-a-half-month old here in our lives. Oh,baby shoes, how the time flies!Daddy Meets His Son for the First TimeJudah’s birth story is pretty crazy: I was at my parents’ home in New Jersey for my baby shower, Larry was in Japan for work – and Judah decided it was time to show up 5 weeks early! While Larry missed the birth by just hours, the moment he got to meet Judah for the first time is so incredibly special to us.Read more about Judah's incredible birth story...Freedom! Judah Comes Home from the HospitalSince Judah arrived so early, he had to spend a little extra time in the hospital. Okay, a lot of extra time: 29 days, to be exact. The moment when we got to take him “home” (we still had another week in New Jersey before heading back to our home in Massachusetts) was simply exhilarating.Take a look back at our life in the NICU...Judah's BrisAn intensely personal and spiritual moment, Judah’s bris fell on Father’s Day – after he had been born on Mother’s Day! It seemed the perfect bookend to an incredible birth story and for Larry and I, a sacred milestone in our religious life together.Read more about our special memories of Judah's bris...Team Zoll: Out and About!With such a lovely New England summer, we took full advantage of the weather whenever we could! From trips to the New England Aquarium or to the local park, we loved taking Judah out on little short outings and day trips. Every outing was a chance for adventure!We especially loved taking him to the Farmers' Market!Seeing His First SmileLarry and I will never forget the moment Judah flashed us his first, real, honest-to-goodness smile: we were at a friend’s baby shower in July. As she was opening gifts, he looked up at us and gave us this huge, wide smile. Of course, it would be another month before we’d ever get it on film!Read more about Judah's first real "smile"stone...Feeding Our Little FoodieJudah’s appetite continues to astound us: not in the sheer quantity of what he’ll eat, but in his willingness to try new flavors and textures. We can’t believe the foods he’s reached for and eaten: strawberries, homemade pita bread, bagels… we’d like to think he’s got a palate broader than most other babies his age!Read more about why cultivating a foodie baby is important to us...Meeting Daddy at the Train StationSince Larry commutes to work by train, it was lovely to meet him at the train station – just a short walk from our home – when the weather was simply gorgeous this summer. Judah and I would meet him at the top of the station steps, and then we’d turn the last leg of Larry’s commute home into a lovely summer stroll each early evening during the work week.Read more about why this was such a special moment for us...Judah Surprises Us With His First WordIt was just another random morning in November: I had just finished nursing Judah while Larry was getting ready for work. All of a sudden, clear as day: “Baba.” We quickly learned that “baba” is Judah’s way of telling us he’s hungry. He’s been a babblin’ babe ever since!Luckily, I even captured his first word on film...Discovering His Furry Older BrothersWhile we say we’re a family of three,baby bedding, we’re really a family of five, when you include our two cats, Saba and Toro. Watching Judah discover his furry older brothers has been hilarious. As soon as he catches them in the corner of his eye, Judah whips his attention right over to each of them.Read more about Judah getting to know our cats...Judah's First Hanukkah!We couldn’t wait to celebrate our son’s first Hanukkah, something we’ve been looking forward to since we first talked about having children. From the decorations to presents to special Hanukkah foods – it was so wonderful to celebrate our first Hanukkah together as a family of three.See more magical moments from Judah's first Hanukkah...
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